I decided that this year I want to write a sonnet per day, and the rules are that I pick an object and not stop writing until I’ve gotten 14 lines of 10 syllables each. 5,110 lines, 51,100 syllables. It’s a doable goal, right? Mostly I’m doing this in an attempt to relax a bit about my writing, take some of the pressure off. When you don’t write every day, and each individual poem represents a larger percentage of the Total Number of Poems, there’s more pressure to make each poem Good. Who the hell even knows what “good” means, I surely don’t know, but the more I write, the more I can do it just for fun without worrying about that stuff.

So here we are on January 8th, and I’ve got a week’s worth of daily object sonnets already. I posted one over on 5×500 today, and will probably use these as my posts over there for much of the year. Some are strictly observational; some start out descriptive but take major digressions. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the poetical year to come!


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