I was tempted to just write “Fuck Russia” 250 times, but that seemed like maybe it wouldn’t add anything to the conversation, or at least anything productive. It would certainly add “Oh hey, Brian thinks Russia fucking sucks” to the conversation.

I’m not a historian, or an anthropologist, or a politician, and really I have no specialized expertise on what’s currently happening in Russia other than I am a human being who believes that other human beings should generally be allowed to live their lives in peace. I personally am not LGBT, but I’m also not Eastern Orthodox, or a vegetarian, or a chess player, or someone who watches Teen Wolf, and I think it would be silly of me to want to legislate others from being able to be those things. Maybe I hate Teen Wolf—I don’t hate Teen Wolf; I’ve never seen Teen Wolf; I’m not even sure I knew Teen Wolf  was a thing until like a week ago— but aside from keeping my own (theoretical future) children from watching the show, I think it would be absolutely absurd for me to push for legislation that would keep others from watching Teen Wolf in the privacy of their own homes, joining Teen Wolf fan clubs, and otherwise showing their love for all things teeny/wolfy. This is a highly reductive example, but I think it’s one that genuinely illustrates my feelings on LGBT issues: who the hell are we to tell others how to live their lives in a happy and fulfilling manner?

Russia has problems. Russia has always had problems. There’s a reason why everyone and their мать drive around with dash cams. It’s a crazy country, filled with crazy people made crazy by the craziness around them. They tried czars: didn’t work. They tried communism: didn’t work. Now they’re trying whatever it is exactly that they think Putin is doing, and wonder of wonders, it’s not working. There’s so much anger and resentment and belligerence pent up in these people that obviously they’re going to look for a scapegoat group, and sadly, they’ve chosen the LGBT community.

“Sadly,” of course, being the understatement of the fucking century.

People who identify as LGBT are being harassed, arrested, and literally beaten down in the streets,  with unequivocal government support. There have been allusions made to pre-war Nazi Germany, and I don’t think the comparison is far off. There’s a huge debate right now over whether to boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. As someone who hasn’t trained for a lifetime to compete in sport’s highest competition, I can’t say whether that should happen, but I do think FIFA should come out and take away Russia’s 2018 World Cup bid. I also think that other world governments and global organizations should be more vocal in their opposition to what’s going on in Russia. It doesn’t look like that’s happening on any large scale yet, but this isn’t something we can just let slide. This shit is not ok. Fuck Russia.


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