There’re a few topics that I thought about discussing today, mostly regarding feminism and various women’s issues, but I’d like to give those a bit more time and consideration before I write anything, give the topics the respect that they deserve.

It's stupid that a person even has to say that they respect women; it should be a given.

I’ll save it for next week maybe.

Coincidentally, though, a new column of mine was published on LitReactor.com today! It’s called Poetry Fun-0-1, and hopefully it’s the first of many such poetry columns. Obviously poetry is very important to me, so I’m very grateful that LitReactor is giving me a platform to discuss some of the reasons why I love poetry, as well as teach some basic poetical skills and techniques to their readers. So go read the piece! It’s a bit more than 500 words, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me.


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