I really don’t even think feminism should be a thing. Wait, let me rephrase: I really don’t even think feminism should have to be a thing. It’s probably the most naive thing I’ve ever thought or said or whatever, but honestly, we shouldn’t need feminism. The existence of feminism implies that there are human beings on this planet who need to be told—fuck, convinced!—that women are equal to men in every possible way, and that’s complete bullshit.

This is not one of those caveat opinions with me. There isn’t really any debate or discussion involved. It’s about as close as I get to a Universal Truth. There is no grouping of words that could complete the sentence “Well, men are better than women at _____” that I would ever listen to rationally. I pride myself on being very understanding in the abstract and being able to look at an argument from all sides when it’s presented in a clinical, objective manner; this is the one time that I don’t accept any “but” or “except when” or “you have to admit, though” or “if you look at it this way” or anything like that.

One of the problems with trying to fill in that aforementioned blank is that it immediately implies a generalization of more than half of the world’s inhabitants. I hate generalizations. As impractical as I’m sure it may be in some cases, I’m the kind of person who tends to look at each situation as a unique moment in time. It may be informed by previous situations, but it’s still its own thing, deserving of its own attention and respect and careful thought. This is a really vague concept, and I’m not doing it justice, but I guess for example I just don’t like stereotyping anything—not just people, but foods or moments or television shows or trips to the supermarket or anything. So right off the bat, if you’re trying to make an argument that women—as a whole, as half of the population—are x, y, or z, then you’ve already lost me. I’m not going to insult the women in my life by even giving examples of things that are stereotypically attributed to being solely the domain of women. There are always exceptions, because every single person on this planet is an individual.

Assuming you’re not trying to make any generalizations, then…well, no, that’s it, then, isn’t it? How can discrimination against any group exist without stereotyping and generalizations? Maybe there’s a person in your life whom you do not like, and to whom you are a jerk. Okay, that’s your right, but there’s no sane reason why that reason should ever extend to any other human being, not that person’s mother or father or best friend or twin sister or anyone. Everyone is different, and everyone deserves to be treated as a person. Don’t be lazy and stereotype people, make broad generalizations about huge swathes of the population. Don’t be an ass; don’t discriminate, for any reason.


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