I like St. Patrick’s Day.

I really like St. Patrick’s Day.

This isn’t a post on how you should or should not celebrate, or who’s more Irish than who. I honestly don’t care much about those kinds of things. I’m against green beer, but mostly because I’m against cheap, terrible beer in general. If Guinness had a green seasonal variety, I’d drink the hell out of it. Celebrate however you want, so long as you’re respectful, responsible, etc.

No, this is a post on how I might actually have a mental disorder when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. For me, St. Patrick’s Day begins March 1st and lasts 17 days, putting most other holiday celebrations to shame. See, beginning senior year of high school, my grandmother started buying me St. Patrick’s Day/Guinness/Irish t-shirts pretty much every year. She began mailing them to me when I went away to college and then later moved to Los Angeles. Some years she includes little Irish knick knacks or snacks; last year she sent me a box of Easter stuff and a $20 bill with a post-it attached to it.

She once drunk dialed me on St. Patrick's Day AT 7 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING.

Best. Grandma. Ever.

Needless to say, the St. Patrick’s Day shirt pile got really big really fast. I needed some way to deal with that, so a few years ago I began wearing them early, ramping up for the big day. At first I didn’t have enough shirts to make it all the way to March 1st, but I’ve since been gifted so many Guinness and TMNT and other random green/Irish/St. Patrick’s Day items that I could easily start on February 17th and go a whole month.

I won’t do that, though. I’m not that crazy.

Anyway, every year, beginning on March 1st, I begin my St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt celebration. (I also drink Jameson and Guinness near-exclusively, but that’s pretty much how I am the rest of the year, too.) This year I decided that, since I work from home now and no one but my darling fiancé Suzanne would actually get to see most of these shirts, I’d share my insanity with the world. With that in mind, starting on March 1st, I’ll post a picture of my Shirt of the Day. Some are clearly more festive than others, but I don’t discriminate when it comes to green tees. Of course, the closer we get to March 17th, the more relevant the shirts will be. There has been some controversy (among me, myself, and I) over which shirts would make the cut this year, and in what order, but assuming that anyone other than Brian P. McGackin gives any shits about that process is a level of crazy that I thankfully have not yet reached.

I know this isn't healthy, but acknowledging that is the first step, right?

All 17 shirts, plus an extra to coach soccer in next Saturday.

So join me on a journey through the rolling green hills of my closet. I’ll give a brief history of each shirt and its place in my heart, just in case anyone in the universe decides that this is Important Information. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Éirinn go Brách!


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