Hello! Welcome to March and the beginning of my 17 Days of St. Patrick Celebration!

They're almost the same word, get it?

Pure Genius

This Guinness “Pure Genius” shirt is the one I usually wear on March 1st, for a few reasons. It obviously doesn’t have any green on it, and there’s no specific St. Patrick’s Day affiliation other than the fact that it’s a Guinness shirt, though Guinness is basically the most Irish thing ever.

The color and loose connection means I wear it as far from the actual day as possible, but I start with it because it’s one of my favorite shirts. I love the old Guinness zoo campaign (and all of their ads, really), so I’m a big fan of the toucan, and I love the play on words between “Guinness” and “genius” in the “Pure Genius” ads. It makes me feel like I’m smart for drinking Guinness, which I assume was the point, so well done Mr. Ad Campaign Man. In the grand scheme of things it’s a relatively young ad phrase—about as old as I am—and certainly not the most famous Guinness phrase, but I still like it.

I’ve had this shirt for a few years, but I’m not sure exactly when I got it or who I got it from. It was either a St. Patrick’s Day gift from my grandmother or a Christmas present from my mom or one of my sisters.

The sleeve are a bit short, but that also mean they show off my guns. Okay, never using the phrase "my guns" ever again, sorry about that.

Thanks, person!


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