Day 3!

Designer of off-center t-shirt logos says what?

::insert nerdiest joke possible here::

We’re only on day 3 of this 17 Days of St. Patrick celebration, but we’re already on to our first situational t-shirt. I don’t wear this baby all the time, although it is insanely comfortable. No, I pretty much only wear it when I know I’m going to be playing Magic: The Gathering, a super nerdy card game that I started getting into about six or seven years ago. This is a shirt I got at San Diego Comic-Con in either 2010 or 2011, I’m not sure, when I attended one of the panels run by the company that makes Magic cards. It represents green, obviously, which is one of the five colors of cards in the game. (I also have a blue one.)

The shirt is mainly so comfy because it’s an XL, and I usually wear a large. They only gave out XL at the panel, though, and with good reason: I was certainly on the skinnier side of attendees. It was clearly shoddily made, what with the crooked logo on the front and all, but it’s really soft and baggy, so it’s perfect for an afternoon relaxing with some friends and playing Magic. Although I like the deep green color and the ambiguity of the tree symbol, obviously it has little to do with St. Patrick’s Day or else it may have gotten a later spot.


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