Day 4!

This is it for the turtles.

Turtle power!

We go from the largest shirt of the bunch to the smallest. This nifty little TMNT number is a medium, a remnant from a bygone era when I was MUCH skinnier than I am now. I’m not fat, but I’m a pretty large guy, so a medium t-shirt might as well be painted on. It’s a sexy sight, let me tell you.*

*It’s not.

I got this in probably 2006 from the mother of one of my exes. I’m not entirely sure where she got it or why she got it for me, but for a long time it was in my Most-Worn T-Shirts rotation, so I’m glad she did. Unlike the other TMNT shirt from earlier this month, this one is the perfect shade of turtle green. Also, I like that it only has this simple logo on it and doesn’t scream, “OMG LOOK HOW NERDY I AM,” with every fiber of its t-shirt being. I like a lot of things that would generally be considered “geeky,” but I’m not a fan of labels and bunching tastes and people together like that, so I hate the word “geek” and the idea of there being a “geek culture.” I liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was growing up, and to some extent I still do, and I like lots of other comic book and sci-fi/fantasy-type things, but that doesn’t mean that I automatically like everything in the geek universe. I don’t like stereotypes or when other people make my choices for me.

From here on in the Irish connection gets much stronger, so get ready for a lot of Guinness and culturally insensitive depictions of my ancestry!


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