Day 5!


Extra Stout = Extra Delicious

I’ve had this Guinness t-shirt for a long time, though I’m not entirely sure who gave it to me. It’s entirely possible that it came wrapped up together with some Guinness item that I have—some glass or hat—, but I could be making that up. Actually, brb…


…yes, it came with a hat. This hat, as a matter of fact:

...but alas, it isn't even noon.

If only there were Guinness in that glass, too…

Hat selfie! I don’t usually wear hats. I have a pile of hats in my closet that most likely do nothing but contemplate their meaningless hat existence. It’s a depressing state of hat affairs. For you, I’ll make a hat exception today.

So yeah, I got the shirt with the hat, probably for Christmas, but possibly in one of my grandmother’s many St. Patrick’s Day care packages. (I’m surprised my grandmother hasn’t commented on any of these to confirm; she follows me on twitter.) It’s probably my least favorite Guinness shirt, but that’s like saying it’s my least favorite Bruce Willis movie or least favorite Harry Potter novel—the worst is still better than most other bests.


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