Day 9!

RIP Sherman Hemsley and the heyday of Old Navy commercials.

Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy St. Patrick’s Day shirts.

Here it is, the grandfather of all St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts, the founder and first member of the 17 Days of St. Patrick Celebration club: the Old Navy St. Patrick’s Day 2003 t-shirt that my grandmother bought me when I was a senior in high school. I had owned other festive garments before this, and obviously yesterday’s “Stride With Pride” t-shirt is a good 5 years older, but this is the shirt that kicked off the annual tradition of receiving Irish garb in March. It was my go-to St. Patrick’s Day shirt for a few years, even after I’d gotten newer ones. I also wore it on random non-March days of the year, as evidenced by this terribly embarrassing pic of me from September 2008:

I'm sure it was offensive and that I'd regret it today if I knew.

I believe (hope) this was a themed party, though I can’t remember exactly what that theme may have been.

Clearly I was incredibly drunk at the time this photo was taken, but I imagine that I was sober when I put the shirt on that day (eh, debatable), which shows just how important it has always been to me. Also, RIP those beer mug boxers. They lasted me a great many years before they legit just split down the middle one day, ripped an 8-inch hole right in the crotch. I think I was playing soccer at the time and a lunge didn’t go exactly as planned. #neverforget

Speaking of boxers, today is the first day that I have either a green or Irish-themed pair of boxers to wear, too! I won’t be showing everyone pictures of those, though. #sorrynotsorry #notsurewhyItoldyouthat #notsurewhyIstartedhashtaggingthisposteither


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