Day 10!

What a guy!

Thanks, Arthur!

Nothing much to report today. This is a fairly serviceable Guinness t-shirt that I’ve had for a while. I’m not sure when or where I got it at this point; it’s been with me for at least a couple years. It was probably a Christmas gift? Who knows? I thought about going into some (Arthur) Guinness history, but I’ll save that for a more fitting shirt later in the week. Haha “fitting,” get it? T-shirt puns.

More importantly, if you missed them this weekend, check out Saturday’s post about soccer, high school track, and one of my favorite Irishmen (with a bonus t-shirt) and Sunday’s post about the 17 Days of St. Patrick Celebration’s humble beginnings (with a bonus ridiculous/embarrassing pic of me from a few years back).

Oh, actually, you know what I like about this Guinness t-shirt? It goes perfectly with my FLEECE-LINED Guinness sweatshirt.

I'ma put duckface out of business.

This is my “Oh yeah, that’s fleece” face.

Let me say again that this sweatshirt is FLEECE LINED, a.k.a. it is THE MOST COMFORTABLE SWEATSHIRT EVER MANUFACTURED. My sister Elizabeth got it for me for Christmas a couple years back, and it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever received.


So comfortable I had to take another picture just to impress upon you how serious I am about this comfort level.

Of course, it’s going to push 80° today in sunny Southern California, as it has all week, so there’s not much need for an insanely comfortable FLEECE-LINED Guinness sweatshirt these days, but still. It gets cold at night sometimes.

And by “cold” I mean “slightly below 60.” Why don’t you live here again?

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