Day 12, and it’s a hell of a festive one!

Something secretly witty.

Something witty.

Today’s excitement doesn’t come from a t-shirt, although this was one of my favorites before it suffered the cruel fate of receiving a small tear in the left armpit. I wear it much less often now than I used to because I don’t want to make the tear worse and then have to rip off the sleeves entirely and look like a goon.

No, today’s excitement is mostly due to the fact that I published a column on Irish poetry over at LitReactor. I may or may not have been drunk when I wrote it, but I was drinking Irish beer, so it’s fine. This is the third installment of my “Poetry Fun-0-1” series, which I really enjoy writing. I wind up learning a lot about different kinds of poetry through my research, and hopefully readers are discovering new poets and poems to enjoy. The Irish poets are bad ass, by the way. A few of those featured in the column were leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising and were executed by firing squad. And here I thought most poets died from suicide or tuberculosis!

Be sure to check out the column! Tomorrow I’ll finally get into that history of Guinness that I’ve been teasing about (maybe).

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