We’re two weeks into our 17 Days of St. Patrick Celebration, which has been a real success according to my grandmother and her work friends. Speaking of Gram, all of the shirts from this point on came from her (for better or worse), as probably did yesterday’s and most of the ones before it. Today I’ve got the quintessential “My grandma bought me this t-shirt” shirt, and I’m proud of it.

Good grief.

Snoopy about to chug a beer, folks.

I have to say, this is actually a fantastic t-shirt. I love Schroeder’s hat, and Pig-Pen unfortunately looks just like a dirty Irish peasant child from the late 19th/early 20th century, which is sad/hilarious. This is the kind of lighthearted but ultimately inoffensive t-shirt that frankly I don’t see much around St. Patrick’s Day.*

*Among the t-shirts my grandmother buys me—be prepared for an interesting final three days.

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