I’m pretty sure that all of the poets I’ve featured so far are dead, so I thought today I’d post a poem that’s a bit more contemporary. So contemporary, in fact, that the collection that it’s from was only published last week. I recently reviewed Brecken Hancock’s first full collection, Broom Broom, for LitReactor, and I loved it. I’m hoping that she’s an incredibly fast writer so I can read more of her work soon.

You can find my full review of the collection (as well as a few of my favorite poems) here.

I think she's Canadian.

How’s things, Brecken?

Life’s A Cycle Of Hairstyles by Brecken Hancock

Husband leaves me.
I swill another.

Sandy cleaves me.
You only get one mother.

Best friends’ babies
amass like cloud cover.

Why wasn’t Mommy
a better lover?


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