Normally I would have made this a part of today’s National Poetry Month post, but I wanted this to be its own, separate thing. I will not be counting words today.

A little over 8 months ago, in one of the first “500 Words On…” posts, I wrote about Russia and how terrible the situation had gotten over there regarding LGBT rights. You can find my general opinions and Russia’s history of LGBT persecution in the original, but I want to highlight one line in particular, which came towards the end of my 500 words:

There have been allusions made to pre-war Nazi Germany, and I don’t think the comparison is far off.

There was the obvious mirroring of Sochi 2014 with Berlin 1936, and of the LGBT community with Jews, Romani, the disabled, and others in the build up to WWII, but this morning shit got scary; the situation became eerily similar. In case you somehow haven’t heard, Jews have been ordered to register in east Ukraine. Let me type that again, in case maybe you have something in your eye causing you to produce excessive moisture, blurring your vision: JEWS HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO REGISTER IN EAST UKRAINE. For those who are perhaps unaware, bad things tend to happen whenever Jews are required to register themselves in Ukraine.

I don’t know what Poland is doing right now, but I highly suggest that they prepare for a blitzkrieg invasion. Clearly Crimea is Austria, Donetsk is Sudetenland, and Poland is just going to be Poland, because that’s how things work in Europe.

As I’m not an actual historian/political analyst/global anthropologist/whatever, I clearly can’t speak to the international legal implications of something like this, but as a human being on this planet whose day job is legit to write and edit study guides and middle school/high school learning materials, I can tell you that I’ve seen this before. I recognize all of these things from the hundreds of times I’ve had to go through history guides and tests and books and videos. Russia does not see any of this as “wrong.” This is the natural progression of Russia’s international aims at this time.

Putin may not be a communist, but he is absolutely someone who mourns the loss of a Soviet “bloc” of nations with Russia at its head. He believes in the glory, power, and manifest destiny of the Russian people, and if he succeeds in taking anything from Ukraine, he will not be appeased until he has taken everything from Ukraine. And then he’ll move on to the other former Soviet republics. And then he’ll move on to Poland, and Germany, and anything else that he can get his hands on.

This cannot stand. I’m not sure what the United States’s response is going to be to this, and I’m not sure that I can provide an adequate description of what I believe that response should be. However, I know that Israel will HAVE to respond, and in that way this situation will continue to mirror the build up to World War II: Israel, in the role of 1930s Britain, will be forced to take on Russia (whether that’s a war or further negotiations, I don’t know), and we’ll probably commit at some point later on and swing the momentum. Where things get tricky is that Israel already has a lot of enemies, way more than Britain did in the 1930s, so they’re going to need some serious backup.

If things keep progressing in this manner, if the situation continues to become more and more untenable, then someone will have to act. It is no longer acceptable in this globalized world to simply take territories, which is what Russia is doing. How the United States and Israel react—and to a lesser extent in regards to today, but possibly in a greater extent in regards to potential global power shifts of tomorrow, how China reacts—will have a tremendous impact on the next decade of history for this planet.

I can’t believe that this is the world we are currently living in, that after decades of Cold War successfully navigated, mutually assured destruction somehow avoided, we may go to war with Capitalist Russia.

Shit’s about to get real.


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