I’m not going to go into how obviously rigged that Brazil game was. Croatia got robbed. My 2-0 prediction was slightly off (though if Brazil didn’t get that own goal and if the non-penalty wasn’t called, I would’ve been right! if if if if), but I did get the result right, so I earn 1 point.

Brian’s Prediction Points Tally = 1

Not a bad start. There are three games today(!), all with a lot of exciting facts and stats keeping my prognosticating brain in motion. First up is Mexico v. Cameroon. This game is interesting because Cameroon have only ever won 1 World Cup match in like a million tries, but Mexico has never beaten a team from Africa. Also, Mexico have mostly sucked the last two years. My prediction:

Mexico 1 : 1 Cameroon

The middle game is a rematch of the last World Cup final, Spain v. Netherlands. In that game, two possession-minded teams played 90 minutes to a stalemate, and it was only through St. Iker’s amazing goalkeeping heroics and Andres Iniesta’s extra time winner that Spain took home their first trophy. Since then, the Spaniards have gone on to win a second consecutive Euro championship, while the Dutch have mostly just gotten older. Spain aren’t flying as high as they were 4 (or even 2) years ago, but the Dutch will honestly be lucky to make it out of their group over Chile. My prediction:

Spain 3 : 0 Netherlands

Finally, we have Chile v. Australia. The Aussies are perennially one of the best teams in the Asian qualifying region, but honestly, that’s not saying much. It’s pretty much always Australia, Japan, South Korea, Random Fourth Team (this year it’s Iran). All of Australia’s best players are too old to make much of a difference at this tournament, but their youngsters aren’t quite ready to take over yet. Add to that sad fact that Chile are one of the South American teams that will get a psuedo-home-field advantage during this tournament, and things aren’t looking too good for the Socceroos. My prediction:

Chile 4 : 1 Australia

Check back tomorrow for my weekend predictions!

Is not even starting!



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