There are no games until the quarterfinals kick off on Friday, and thank god, because I am emotionally exhausted after that USA-Belgium game. We kicked ass, and I can’t imagine that anyone is disappointed in the team. There were a few chances that should have been converted, but that could be said many times over for Belgium, so we can’t get ourselves down for that. The team put out an excellent performance, one that makes me excited for four years from now when some of these youngsters that Klinsmann was criticized for giving a chance come into their own as starters for the squad. This World Cup isn’t even over yet, and I already can’t wait for qualifying for 2018!

It took Wayne Rooney 8 years to score his first World Cup goal.

Julian Green scored with his first touch in his first World Cup game.

The only thing that makes me sad is that Tim Howard likely won’t be our goalkeeper four years from now. Brad Guzan is a kick-ass keeper, though, and hopefully he’ll be able to fill Timmy Howard’s big gloves when the time comes.

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