I took a little break and didn’t post for the past two non-Days. I’m carrying on under the assumption that you’ll eventually forgive me.

Saturday was huge. The Netherlands-Costa Rica game was as exciting as the Argentina-Belgium game wasn’t. It’s the latter that earned me a whopping 9 points for my correct score line prediction, though; I only got 1.5 from Holland’s pk victory.

Brian’s Prediction Points Tally = 53.5

I’m only 10.5 points away from my goal! As with the last few rounds, the point values are going to go up again. Wins = 4; PK Wins = 2; Correct Score Line = 12.

There’s only one game today: Brazil v. Germany. Before Thiago Silva’s yellow card, which takes him out of the match, and Neymar’s injury, which takes him out of the Cup altogether, I would’ve put this at even money.

Hopefully their back isn't broken, too.

Brazil’s hopes were airlifted away with their star.

I don’t see how Brazil can beat ze Germans now, though. It would take a complete defensive collapse, something that I don’t believe that Manuel Neuer would allow. My prediction:

Brazil 1 : 2 Germany

As always, I would gladly welcome as many goals as possible.

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