::trumpets:: ::fanfare:: ::much rejoicing::

I am EXTREMELY excited to announce that I’m releasing my latest book, Death in the Rick, online and free for all to read over at http://deathintherick.com/.

Hello. It's exciting.

Death in the Rick is a novel-in-verse mystery that follows the evidence (or lack thereof) provided by over 200 residents of the fictional Mid-Atlantic borough of Fredericktown (The Rick) following the death of one their most beloved neighbors.

The book is being released a page per day over the next few months, and new posts appear Monday through Friday from February through December. The first 6 pages are already posted, so check it out!

You can also follow along on twitter: @DeathintheRick.

I could not be more excited about this. The book is perfectly suited for this type of release, so hopefully everyone enjoys following along with the story over the course of this year. And if you do enjoy it, I’ve set up a Patreon account with a lot of fun goals, rewards, and extras, so check that out, too!

Thank you!

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