Poetry in Protest

These introductions are weird, because I don’t always feel qualified to write them. Sometimes I simply find a poem or a poet I want to investigate further, something or someone catching me in that certain way that poem/ts are supposed to catch people. I’ve known of Danez Smith for a little while, but I was not very familiar with his work until very recently, when I picked up his collection Black Movie. I haven’t been through the book yet, but the purchase inspired me to read some of his work online, and “Tonight, in Oakland” is my favorite of what I found.

Tonight, in Oakland
by Danez Smith

I did not come here to sing a blues.
Lately, I open my mouth
& out comes marigolds, yellow plums.
I came to make the sky a garden.
Give me rain or give me honey, dear lord.
The sky has given…

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