Poetry in Protest

I’m reminded this week that, in the midst of daunting odds, constant anxiety, and an endless stream of terribleness, there are those who are not daunted, who are not anxious, who see joy and promise and hope for our collective future. Not everything that goes bad is bad, and not everything that is bad stays bad. It’s up to us to build the world in which we’d like to live, and that begins with having the power, positivity, and confidence to inspire ourselves.

There are few poems that exemplify this attitude and approach to the world better than “Still I Rise.” Maya Angelou’s work is perhaps the most consistently excellent of the 20th century. Every poem feels surprising and familiar at once, joyful and grave, lighthearted and sincere. Her words are spoken music, and they never fail to inspire.

Still I Rise
by Maya Angelou

You may write me…

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