5 thoughts on “Broetry: Poetry for Dudes

  1. Hey Bro,
    Congrats on the new book to soon be released. How did I know, well let’s just say the best Grandma in the world Margaret C. Told me. She’s my manager and a super person. Congrats again to you and my you go into re-print.

    • Well that particular poem is a parody of William Carlos Williams. If it wasn’t faithful to the original, it wouldn’t be an effective parody.

  2. Well, I think you got me to bite. Hopefully I can scrounge up some dough to get the book; however being a recent english grad who enjoys his beer and workless life, this might take a little bit. This “bro genre” seems like a popular trend in Lock Haven, Pa with the local poets. Just like theirs, your mix of college struggles, critiques on society, and the whimsical jabs so far seem quite enticing. As I look at some of the excerpts do I detect a fellow Bukowski & Billy Collins fan? From the amazon excerpt I glanced at I feel your quick (almost) pun like endings seem to echo both of these modern poets works. pretty cool. I hope to see you read at the “Town Book Center & Cafe” on July 9th.

  3. Brian,
    To the little boy who lived next door, and would bet me that he could “break into my house” for a pepsi, and did!!! Congrats on the book, it’s great to see you doing so well.
    The Biddle family

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